The 5 Best Movie Posters Of 2013 So Far

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I absolutely love film art. Whether it be concept art, interesting set photos, or theatrical posters, there are few things better than quality pieces of art to commemorate your favorite films. One day, when I have the money, I intend to have entire wings of my house devoted to quality posters. All limited edition, signed by the director and/or actors, and perfectly framed. Today, I sadly do not have the money for as many posters as I want (or a house with wings), but I can still look for the best posters and add them to my wish list.

Below I’ve compiled the best posters for films that have hit theaters from January through July of 2013. If you happen to like any of my picks below, and feel like donating a quality print to me, feel free to do so. (I’ll also accept a house with wings.)

5. Man Of Steel


4. Now You See Me


3. Pacific Rim


2. Only God Forgives


1. The Wolverine

the- wolverine

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