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  • Don Jon Review

    Oct 5, 13 • Featured, MoviesNo Comments
    Don Jon Review

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt has proved he's one of the most talented actors in Hollywood, so naturally the next task was to pick up a pen, write a script, and then jump behind the camera to direct it. Oh and produce the film through his HitRECord Films banner. So with all that new responsibility, it'd make sense to make the sort of movies people have made before. The kind audiences know and love. Or he could make a movie about a guy addicted to porn...

  • 5 Trailers That Should Have You Pumped For Fall 2013 Movies

    Sep 9, 13 • MoviesNo Comments
    5 Trailers That Should Have You Pumped For Fall 2013 Movies

    I'm a pretty big trailer nut. I enjoy watching a quality preview almost as much as the film that it's for. If there's one thing a quality trailer can do, it's get you pumped beyond belief for a film you previously were fairly indifferent on. Because of that, I've gathered five of the most awesome trailers for films releasing this fall for you to see. Keep in mind, these aren't the movies I'm most excited for (American Hustle and The Monuments Men definitely belong on that list), but these are five upcoming movies where the trailer has gotten me far too excited. Check out my picks and the trailers below!...