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  • Ranking The 2014 Best Picture Nominees

    Mar 2, 14 • Featured, MoviesNo Comments
    Ranking The 2014 Best Picture Nominees

    Having finally caught up on the last few Best Picture nominees from this past year, I've finally been able to set my mind straight and determine my personal ranking for these films. When that was done, I figured I ought to share it with the world. Keep in mind, this is not the order I think voting will actually go, just my personal ranking of this year's 9 from worst to best. ...

  • Thor: The Dark World Review

    Nov 9, 13 • Featured, Movies1 Comment
    Thor: The Dark World Review

    Thor is easily my favorite film of Marvel's Phase 1. While I enjoyed them all, and Iron Man is a close second, the combination of Chris Hemsworth's performance as Thor, Natalie Portman playing Jane Foster, and Kenneth Branagh's direction, made for a pretty awesome superhero movie, and I was smitten from my first viewing. Because of that, I had pretty high hopes going into Thor: The Dark World, which I'll admit, is probably part of the reason why I feel underwhelmed by the film. ...

  • Gravity Review

    Oct 6, 13 • Featured, MoviesNo Comments
    Gravity Review

    I'd like to start this review with a disclaimer of sorts. This is going to be a lot more personal than my reviews usually are. In most cases, I try to stick to writing about why the film is good or bad, and leave my personal prejudices or other factors that are only applicable to me out of the equation. After all, those things don't affect how much you'll like the movie. They're exclusive to me. But after spending the last 18 hours trying to figure out how to do a review in that style for Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity, I've come to the conclusion that's absolutely impossible. Not because I couldn't write about the...

  • Don Jon Review

    Oct 5, 13 • Featured, MoviesNo Comments
    Don Jon Review

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt has proved he's one of the most talented actors in Hollywood, so naturally the next task was to pick up a pen, write a script, and then jump behind the camera to direct it. Oh and produce the film through his HitRECord Films banner. So with all that new responsibility, it'd make sense to make the sort of movies people have made before. The kind audiences know and love. Or he could make a movie about a guy addicted to porn...

  • The Place Beyond The Pines Review

    Sep 6, 13 • Featured, MoviesNo Comments
    The Place Beyond The Pines Review

    Derek Cianfrance said that he wanted his multi-generational epic The Place Beyond The Pines to be just that: epic. Epic like The Godfather was what he said. Maybe his quote is the reason I couldn't get that word out of my head the entire time I was watching the film, but there really isn't just anything to describe it other than epic...