Best Of The Web: Superhero Fan Art

As you may have noticed in some of my recent posts, I’m a huge fan of film art. I one day intend to wallpaper my house with it. And as great as official, studio-sanctioned pieces are, occasionally a talented artist will get an idea in his or her head, and create an amazing, film-based spectacle. So every week I’ll be scouring the web to find the coolest fan art I can and bring it to you.

Today, I’ve got a series of pieces from graphic designer Khoa Ho. He takes some of our favorite superheroes, shows their origins and what they are now, all set against a great black, minimalistic design. My personal favorite on here is the Spider-Man one, but they’re all awesome and definitely would make valuable additions to any collection. Thank-you Mr. Ho!

Wolverine 6 Batman 1 Ironman 5 Spiderman 4 Superman 2 The Flash 3

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